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10 Grunge Rock David Bowie Covers

There is no doubt that David Bowie has shaped generations of artists throughout the world. Having died peacefully from cancer, aged 69, he will be sadly missed. Bowie was possibly one of the most creative musicians that the world has ever seen; he was always redefining sound and art as we knew it.

10 Grunge Rock David Bowie Covers

David Bowie Live in Montreal

Having explored just about every style possible, it is no wonder that Bowie has managed to influence almost every genre of music imaginable. This includes the massive influence that he had on rock bands, including grunge bands. Bowie was covered by just about every grunge band in the 90’s and Bowie himself covered a few songs from his favourite grunge bands; for example, ‘Cactus’ by the Pixies. Clearly Bowie was a bit of a grunge fan and, for what it’s worth, we liked him too – the dude totally rocked… and may be Rock In Peace \m/


10 Grunge Rock David Bowie Covers

Here is a list of 10 grunge bands that played David Bowie covers and who were undeniable influenced by the Starman:


Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Space Oddity’ – by David Bowie


Soundgarden (Chris Cornell) – ‘Lady Stardust’ – by David Bowie


Dinosaur Jnr – ‘Quicksand’ – by David Bowie


Skin Yard – ‘She Shook Me Cold’ – by David Bowie


Green River – ‘Queen Bitch’ – by David Bowie


Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder) and Ben Harper – Under Pressure – – by David Bowie & Freddie Mercury


Stone Temple Pilots – Andy Warhol – by David Bowie


Alice in Chains – ‘Suffragette City ‘- by David Bowie


Nirvana – ‘Man Who Sold the World’ – by David Bowie


Foo Fighters and David Bowie – ‘Hallo Spaceboy’ – by David Bowie

Did we miss and Grunge Rock David Bowie covers, or bands inflenced by Bowie, why not tell us in the comments below…



I think ” Hallo Spaceboy ” is a great song, who wrote the song? What album is it on?


Hey Dale, it’s totally a Bowie Song, off the album Outside
released in 1995… here is another video we found of it on youtube: enjoy Dude…and keep on rocking! \m/


Bowie, the album is ‘Outside’. Sorry we didn’t message back sooner, kinda missed this part of our website until now. 🙂

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