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FREE RECOVERY  is dedicated to our collective effort to write, record and play our music – for others to enjoy. Our aim is to write music that rips through your soul like a grungy pair of ripped jeans! In so doing we remain true to the SEATTLE GRUNGE ROCK sound we grew up with, and have come to know, and love! 

Free Recovery is a Grunge/ Stoner Rock Band that is influenced by the Seattle Sound. The greatest influences of the band have to be Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam. Other musical influences range from bands such as Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, Green River, Mudhoney, Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana.  Free Recovery recently released their debut (self-titled) EP in the 21st of August 2015. This coincided with the 25 year anniversary of the debut album released by Alice in Chains called Facelift. It was Free Recovery’s way of paying tribute to the band that is their biggest collective influence.

Free Recovery have a diverse catalogue of songs that range from the full fat grunge sound to a more chilled sound. The band has a tight rhythm section and a combination of dirty, grunged up electric guitars, mixed with some warm acoustic guitar. Sprinkle soulful, yet gritty vocals in amongst the sound,  great and meaningful lyrics and you have a band that has the whole package. Once you’ve heard the band, you’ll know why  Classic Rock Magazine has picked the band out as one for the hottest bands to look out for in 2016.

Free Recovery is a band that loves to gig and they have a really great live show. To see footage of us playing live simply check out some of our vids. The band is always looking for more exciting venues, shows and festival to play at, especially if it is rock or grunge orientated.

THE BAND would love to here from you, especially, if you enjoy your grunge rock music!


pete jardine

Greetings and salutations.

I’m Pete… and I work with Dave.



I have previously passed all the footage I took to Dave, the above link is to what I’ve edited together using the footage and audio from three cameras.

I really enjoyed the gig and have just tried to edit it to be the same sort of experience as I had as an audience member.

It’s live, it’s from the mosh pit.

It’s online now because I thought it’d be a good way to for you to see it. If you want it removed then I’ll do that immediately. If you want the edit as a file then you are welcome to that also, either in one lump or as individual songs.

I am also happy to change it if you wish. Let me know if I need to do any of the above, otherwise I hope you like it. It was a cracking gig.

Best regards,


Hey Pete, we have indeed seen the video and shared it around on the book of face and so forth! We really appreciate your filming our gig Dude, the video is awesome. Sadly we missed this post on our website (until now). Just wondered if you wanted to come along and video our next gig this Feb, which is also at the Star? Peace Out Jimmy

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