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Debut EP Sends Shivers

Album/EP & Band: Free Recovery EP by Free Recovery

Free Recovery EP - Out Now

Debut EP Sends Shivers

Guildford-based grunge band, Free Recovery, unleash their 6-track debut EP this August. The music writing is first class, the lyrics are effervescent and the performances are accomplished. There is a level of talent displayed within the band that is humbling, and the refreshing originality in this EP grabs you by the shoulders and reassures you that the heart and soul of new music is alive.

Surrey might be their domain, but the band members bring diverse culture from lands including Sicily and South Africa. That diversity is reflected in the range of their tracks, yet the EP blends strongly as a complete work.

There is a detailed complexity throughout the EP. Reminiscent of The Road to Hell Part I, a vintage radio scans frequencies to find the intro to Furtherman. Subtle Arabian tones weave their way through Our Summer Is Dead. Stylus crackle enhances the fade out of Vintage Sky. These indicators hint at layers to be discovered within the structure of the music. (more…)

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