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Out of the Wild

Free Recovery rocking the Star for the #saveourstar protest gig.
Rocking hard to save the Star. Picture by Dave Pullinger – @pullingerpics

It’s been a while since we posted, but we’re back, after being ‘Into the Wild,’ and better than ever before! So, what have we been up to, you ask? Good question! Yes, we admit it – we went for a bit of a stroll in the wilderness and got lost. We found our way back, though, had a shower and a swift half and now we’re ready for action! 

OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but we have been a bit lax in letting all of you know what we’ve been up to – more of a social media wilderness, if you like. It’s not that we haven’t been busy, particularly recently. 

As some of you know our local live music venue the Star in Guildford was served a noise abatement order and was looking like it was going to have to shut down. The Star is very dear to us as a band and so naturally we threw our support behind the #saveourstar campaign, which turned out to be a roaring success!  We played quite a few gigs at the Star towards the end of last year & earlier this year to help raise awareness and, generally, to fight the power! 

Each gig we played, felt like it was our last and so we gave it everything we got because the Star is our Temple, we value the place and the people so much. It is a real shame that local councils are that corrupt that they will actually entertain planning applications that back on to an established live music venue. A Music venue that has been there for over 100 years! We don’t know about you, but our band is disgusted by this kind of thing!

Anyway, so we’ve been playing quite a few gigs at the Star. Plus, there was one protest gig we played, which was awesome. To cut a very long story short, due to the exceptional hard work of the #saveourstar team, being spear headed by Georgina (the Star Manager, and her legal team) the battle to Save the Star was eventually won earlier this year, and we have been celebrating ever since!

We’ve also written an album’s worth of material. We’re just finishing off some other ideas at the moment, so that we have plenty to pick from, and then we’ll be looking to get started on recording. We may need a bit of help on the old crowdfunding front, so please keep an eye out for details of the cool stuff you’ll be able to get for helping us…when we launch our Kickstarter campaign.

Our newest member, James, in rehearsal with Free Recovery

We have also been auditioning for the infamous 5thmember of our band. Recently we recruited a new guitarist called James, which we announced a couple of months ago (for once, we did let you know what was happening!). James is an awesome addition to the band, full of great riffs and ideas. We’re stoked to be back up to full strength again, as Free Recovery rocks so much harder as a 5 piece – the way we were always meant to be.

We’re doing some other cool stuff in the background, so keep your eyes peeled for way more activity over the coming months – let’s get the message out there! If you’re fan of the band then please let people know – play them our music, share our links etc. 

Thanks for being patient with us all – you guys rock and shall be rewarded with new music to enjoy in 2020. 

Speak soon. Loud Love – Free Recovery \m/

Us Rocking the #Savethestar protest gig. Picture by Scarlet Frost of Instigate Music

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Rock Wars (US v UK)



Our first headline show in some time coming up this Feb 10th, get your early bird tickets now! #freerecovery #freerecoverygigs

The Backroom at the Star (#Guildford) presents – Rock Wars (US v UK).

Featuring some of the best rock bands from the UK and the US of A.  Two American Bands & Two UK bands go head to head, by grabbing each other by the rock horns! \m/ #ROCKWARS #STARWARS #ENDOR \m/


Book Now!


In the Red Corner (playing for the UK) we have Free Recovery and Sons of Endor; two of the finest local rock bands that the UK has to offer.

In the Blue Corner (playing for the US of A) we have Pure Ed and Radio Cult; two awesome American rock bands who will both be on tour from America this February…so don’t miss them.

Rock Fans will be the winner on this epic night, as bands from across the Atlantic come together to rock your socks off!

Rock Wars (UK v US)
–Stage Times–
19:45-20:15 Radio Cult
20:30-21:00 Sons of Endor
21:15-22:00 Pure Ed
22:15-23:30 Free Recovery

The venue capacity is limited and whilst tickets have been allocated to be sold at the door we will only be allowed to do so until the venue reaches capacity. So please make sure you get your tickets online to avoid any disappointment.

Tickets are £7 online and £8 on the door or £4 for students. 

Get your tickets here……and you will rock!

Book Now!


Rock Wars – opening band ‘Radio Cult’ in action.





Free Recovery

Pure Ed

Sons of Endor

Radio Cult

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