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Free Recovery in Classic Rock Magazine

Free Recovery is proud to announce that since the release of its Debut EP on the 21st August 2015, is has received recognition from, none other than, Classic Rock Magazine!

The whole of our band has grown up reading Classic Rock Magazine and revered the artists that we read about; so we are very stoked have been recognized by team rock, and included in their awesome magazine. It is a little dream come true for us.

Our Summer is Dead by Free Recovery - Track 6 - Stone Deaf Forever produced by Classic Rock Magazine.

Our Summer is Dead by Free Recovery – Track 6 – Stone Deaf Forever.

The second track of our self-titled EP 'Our Summer Is Dead" (#OSID), one of our harder hitting tracks, was included on the CD sold with Classic Rock Magazine, issue 220 - March edition.  The CD included with the March edition was titled 'Stone Deaf Forever' and features a compilation of tracks from some of the most up and coming Stoner Rock bands from all over the world. Actually, team rock describes it best:

Stone Deaf Forever
Blow your mind and other organs with 15 songs from the world’s greatest, dirtiest new rock’n’roll bands – all born to raise hell. Including Thunderchief, Savage Hearts, Free Recovery, Snakewine and more…

Not only is “Our Summer Is Dead” listed at track 6 on this CD, but it also stands out as one of the best-sounding  tracks on the compilation. It really does show how much effort we put into recording the EP and how awesome our producer David Needham is. Dave from Dark Horse Studios in Surrey singlehandedly produced, mixed and mastered the EP and we are extremely proud of what he has done for us.  His excellence has really shone through on ‘Stone Deaf Forever.’

We are grateful to all that have helped make this possible, especially Ken McIntyre, and hope that anyone who listens to the CD really enjoys “Our Summer is Dead.”

Once gain thanks to TeamRock for giving us deserving recognition.

Peace, Love & Rock ?

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