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Free Recovery Guitarist Suspended!

This week, in a shocking turn of events, Free Recovery lead guitarist Dave Sowerby (also known as Davebacca aka ‘the Riff-inator’) has been suspended from playing with the band for one week, following a sensational ban! Dave was also fined £2,500 by the BGBA (Band Gig Booking Authority), a new body set up to regulate band bookings throughout England and Wales!

Dave shredding on the lead guitar

The Riff-anator!

The controversial one-week suspension couldn’t come at a worse time for Free Recovery who were booked by Joe Head to play the Scream Lounge in London, Croyattle this coming Saturday night the 15th of July. The Monthly Grunge themed night run by Mr Head (a legend), is formally known as ‘Everybody Loves Our Town,’ but informally as ‘Joe’s Grunge Night.’ The night is the hub of the Croyattle Grunge scene and a really great night filled with Grungers having a good time whilst rocking out.

What Does this Mean for the Band?

Due to Dave’s last minute suspension by the BGBA, the Band has been forced to take to the pitch stage this Saturday evening without their star player! This means that the band will have to play an acoustic set, lower down the line-up. The band has also been forced to change formation from a 3,1 to a 2,1 stage set up. This has left Warrick James (Jimmy aka Jimbacca) as the only guitarist new lead guitarist. Whilst the critics have slammed the formation change and having James on lead, the man himself was quite upbeat about the opportunity. ” I have been waiting for the Dave to step aside for so long so that I could step out of his Wookie-like shadow. This is my time to shine and riff like I know I can, like the Slash. I have always thought I was much better than Dave, Ellie and Andy put together. Why they have me stuck rhythm guitar, I have no idea?”

Jimmy at dress rehearsal for Saturdays show.

Bookers and fans have also been quite positive about the acoustic set, applauding the band for soldiering on without their lead guitarist (the sort of stiff upper lip stuff that you would expect from a British band). Some are quite looking forward to witnessing James’ general strumming transcendence.

Dave who obtained the ban for pulling out of the gig (in contravention of a gig contract) for thinking it was on another Saturday, after having crossed the streams with other social commitments, was forced to sit out this Saturday’s gig, as well practice for one whole week. Together with the £2,500 fine, Dave was also forced to hand in his plectrum & guitar  badge and gun to the Band Seargent  who told Dave, “… and if I see your face around this precinct this week again…I’ll bust your ass!’

Dave who clearly was not impressed with the measures take by BGBA, together with comments made regarding the suspension did not wish to make a statement, did send us this picture (below) summarising his thoughts on the debacle.

Fortunately for the Band, and Mr Sowerby, the suspension should lapse before the band’s next gig at the Sussex Music Festival later this month (29th July) new Copthorne. The Ban will be performing a 30 min set at around 3pm for the charity event, helping to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and the St Catherine’s Hospice. Let us just hope the band’s antics on and off the calendar keep them out of trouble with the BGBA so that they are all able to rock the living *&$£ out of the festival goers on Saturday the 29th.  For more information about booking tickets (proceeds of which are also going to charity) pleace click on the following link: Sussex Music Festival Tickets.


Dave on the left and Jimmy on the right.


Message from the band:

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Cathy Rees

Whoah! Dave has been soo naughty! I hope he thinks long and hard during his one week suspension. Not Rocking for a week is very hard n harsh but hey… it’ll learn him, eh? I shall pray at the temple of Grunge for compassion n understanding for the Dave, hell yeah!


Dave thanks you for your prayers, Cathy. Perhaps you will meet Alice in the Temple of Pearl Garden when you are praying?

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