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Tonight we Rock for Chris Cornell \m/

Chris Cornell, 1964-2017

We are very sad to hear that one of our heroes passed away recently. Chris Cornell (the frontman of Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave) was such an inspiration. We will miss you Chis… but your legend will live on! Our thoughts are with all Grungers, his friends, bandmates, and most of all his family.

Chris was such a huge influence on all modern rock bands, including our own. Our vocalist (Jimmy) has always held Cornell in the highest regard as a vocalist, and describes his voice as ‘the Holy Grail!” So it’s no wonder that ‘Furtherman’ by Free Recovery sounds heavily inspired by Chris Cornell, and you just have to listen to the scream in ‘Furtherman’ to know it. In fact, during recording sessions, we used to joke about getting Chris in to come and do the scream for us. That was the sound we wanted, that is what our band and thousands if not millions of other bands and vocalists aspire to… to be more like Chris.

Earlier this year our band was booked to play a gig tonight, and it is going to be a tough gig considering we have just lost a grunge icon. Chris was the lighthouse that guided us! The gig just so happens to be a Grunge Night, and we think it was a really nice touch by the host, Joe Head, to dedicate the night to Chris Cornell. Looks like each act is now going try to play a Cornell song. We’re gonna give “Like a Stone” (by Audioslave) a shot, even though we’ve never jammed it as a band. At this sad time, we can’t wait to be with our #Grunger Brothers and Sisters tonight in #Croyattle (@ScreamLounge, Croydon, London). We will try do you proud Chris!

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